Why Diversity Matters

In today’s competitive market for top talent, companies must offer employees more than a good paycheck and benefits. Workplace culture is often more important than compensation for attracting and retaining employees. People want to feel connected and cared for by their employers. Shared values, strong relationships, and opportunities to develop professionally and personally rank high among the factors that influence individuals to work for a company and remain engaged and productive.

Vallen has made a commitment to developing a pipeline for talent—in particular, for women and minorities who are under-represented in the distribution industry. The creation of internal Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) has helped Vallen shape its culture into one that is more inclusive and welcoming of associates from all walks of life. 

Diversity Drives Innovation

​​​​​​​Vallen is committed to creating a work environment where equity is expected and where our associates trust they can be authentic and celebrated for their differences. As a service organization, our greatest differentiator rests with the individuals who choose to become part of our team. Our ability to innovate and prove our value is strengthened by inclusion.

This creates opportunity for all—building a better tomorrow, starting today.


VICKIE is Vallen’s employee resource group focused on developing women within the organization and promoting diversity and inclusion. Members include women and their allies throughout all roles and levels of responsibility.

VICKIE stands for Voices Inspiring Change, Knowledge, Innovation and Empowerment. Our members are active in supporting the pillars of the group—Learn, Nourish, Care, Celebrate, Innovate, and Give Back—to create value for Vallen and build a supportive environment to retain and promote women, attract diverse talent and build tomorrow’s leaders.


Vallen's BERG (Black Employee Resource Group) promotes diversity and multiculturism through engagement, allyship, and community involvment. We are committed to impacting Vallen's success through networking, professional development, mentoring, and leadership opportunities for associates while enhancing customer, supplier, and community relationships.


Vallen’s SALUTE is a veteran-focused, employee resource group whose goal is to provide for veterans and disabled veterans through Support, Attention, Learning, Unity, Training, and Enlistment of new veteran and new disabled veteran associates, contributing to the long-term success of Vallen.